• March 21, 2019

Superhero Origins: Raven

She is the mysterious magical hero that united the New Teen Titans. Join as we explore the comic book origins of Raven. Special thanks to our users rstephen, Marlon Washington, PerryMcCall18, hjcg214, Drew Pennington, Caridad Chang, BDenum100, mac121mr0, aldqbigsquare, Edite Elza Bingele, Robbin Banks & valdo_melon for submitting the idea for this video at WatchMojo.com/suggest!

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11 thoughts on “Superhero Origins: Raven


    Is that there are three (or) maybe more different types of origin stories that are about her, and to add that Raven seems to me to have a much more messed up life that she has lived before she had ever come to planet: Earth.

  2. And then she lost any credibility of being cool, by becoming an OVER EMOTIONAL crybaby that does nothing but cry about the horrors she’s been facing since birth, which she somehow never got used to all these years but she gets over it in 3-5 days while the show runs……… thanks Titans, you’ve managed to make garbage that actually physically harms peoples brains.

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