• July 8, 2018

Supervillain Origins: Ghost

Supervillain Origins: Ghost
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The Ghost we see in the MCU’s Ant Man and the Wasp is very different from her comic book counterpart. For one thing, in the comics, Ghost is a man. Want to learn more about the comic book origins of the Marvel Supervillain Ghost and his tragic past? Look no further, true believers!

Superhero Origins: Ant Man:

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14 thoughts on “Supervillain Origins: Ghost

  1. Wtf is ghost now being acted by a woman how disgusting….
    It’s opposite of the Medieval ages, woman acting men’s part, even though woman want equality they’re doing this still….

    1. I understand what you’re saying, but you’re really coming across as sexist in your statements. Personally, I’m not that miffed, because many MCU characters have been in name only. I mean wasn’t Ghost’s biggest enemy (Korg, naturally) a villain in the comics?

    2. nah not really, i’m just pointing it out that everyone wants equality so why would they switch the gender role, it’s like making him into a transgender, or like taking somebody’s premium rifle and adding girly stuff such as pink ribbons and barbie dolls on there…it’s like mocking him,

    3. XxMr GamesxX at this point as long as they do a good job I don’t mind it. This franchise has so many deviations it’s basically it’s own thing. Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark, Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo being the same guy, Winter Soldier being taken by Hydra instead of the KGB, Guardians of the Galaxy in general. Ultron being made by Stark instead of Hank Pym, the Infinity Stones being different colors, the cosmic cube being the Space Stone, Civil War being much different than the comics, The Ancient one and Karl Mordo in Doctor Strange, Ego being Starlord’s Dad, and so much more.

  2. Listen, I don’t mind you changing the race or sex of a comic book character. But this is getting a bit wrong. You have to do it a right way. Disney Marvel And Starwars in general have been adding more and more female characters and it’s getting a bit annoying. Now you are probably wondering, “ah! You sexist fuck! How could you say that! HOW DARE YOU!”. But let’s face it, Star Wars And Most superhero movies in general are targeted against a Male audience. I am not saying a woman or girl can’t watch starwars or marvel. I am just saying that the creators of these films are trying to get the attention of the male audience so they could get more money. Yes, the males and females do have specific tastes. Men and woman were built differently. But what I am saying is that most 5 year old boys prefer a male main character or cool villain than a female. That is just a fact and vise versa. That doesn’t mean all, I said most. But when they start adding all these female characters like that girl in SOLO that was in that tribe. Anyways, once they start adding more and more female characters to creat “Gender Equality” they are actually losing the attention of the male audience, therefore losing money. Now, I’m not saying there should be no females in these movies. I actually disagree with that. But if they keep going like this they are soon going to completely change Spider-Man into spider woman. Just wait and see…

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