• February 1, 2017

Top 10 90s Anime Intros

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These are the anime themes from your childhood. We’re looking at some of the most nostalgic anime opening songs of all time, from shows like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon, Outlaw Star, Serial Experiments Lain, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, One Piece, Trigun, and more!
Expect to Rock the dragon with a cruel angel’s thesis while you catch ’em all…ok that sounds weird.

And if this list got you craving more anime ops, check out our list of the top 10 anime opening themes:

00:43 #10. “Just Communication” by TwoMix
01:49 #9. “Through the Night” by Masahiko Arimachi
02:54 #8. ”Digimon are the Champions” by Paul Gordon
03:35 #7. “Smile Bomb” by Mawatari Matsuko
04:49 #6. “Duvet” by Boa
06:00 #5. “Sailor Moon (Theme)” by Nicole and Brynne Price
06:55 #4. “Tank!” by The Seatbelts
08:08 #3, #2, #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 90s Anime Intros

  1. Oh cmon you cant justify the english opening song of Dragon Ball Z as being
    the lesser of the two. Cha-la head Cha-la is more Iconic and more catchy.
    Dont try to own one the most beloved anime of all time. Just because the
    Eng dub was better than the Jap Dub doesnt make the jap intro song at the
    same boat as the crappy eng intro. Thumbs down.

  2. the Arabic version of Dragon ball Z, Pokemon and Digimon are much more fun
    to listen to.
    Spacetoon generation knows what i am talking about 😀 ;)

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