• January 17, 2018

Top 10 AMAZING Facts About BOLIVIA

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We’re back on the road again, crossing the exotic lands of South America for a stop off in Bolivia to see exactly why over one million people visit these exotic lands every year! So, fry up your salchipapa and grab a glass of mocochinchi as we explore this multi-ethnic and diversified country with these ten amazing facts about Bolivia!

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10. Cuisine of Bolivia
9. World records
8. Famous Bolivians
7. Stunning Sights
6. Sacred Lake Titicaca
5. Sports of Bolivia
4. Bolivians and Nature
3. Bolivia’s festivals
2. Bolivia’s Battle for Independence
1. The Naming of “Bolivia”


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14 thoughts on “Top 10 AMAZING Facts About BOLIVIA

  1. im from Bolivia and writing from la paz nice vid!
    it is really usefull if you are practicing your listenning
    thank you!!!!! your tone of voice makes english much more understandable!

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