• May 29, 2017

Top 10 Amazing Facts About BRUCE LEE

Welcome to Top10Archive! He was a martial arts legend, starring in over two dozen films and inspiring handfuls of posthumous video games and documentaries. Pulled from the world far too soon at the age of 32, Bruce Lee led a life of success as a martial artist, actor, and philosopher, earning him status as an icon well into the 21st century. We’re chronicling the life of the Little Phoenix with these top 10 amazing facts about Bruce Lee.

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10. Bruce Lee: Cha Cha Master
9. Character Inspiration
8. The Era of Bruceploitation
7. He Was Terrible Behind the Wheel
6. A Child Star is Born
5. The Pen is Mightier Than the Fist
4. Few Fights Under His Belt
3. Lee vs. Wong Jack Man
2. A Star-Studded Funeral
1. Controversy and Curses


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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Amazing Facts About BRUCE LEE

    1. +Michael Craig your an idiot what about weight? And people from kickboxing, boxing, karate and taekwondo backgrounds there are many people who are far better strikers than Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee’s boxing isn’t even that good he don’t throw his punches in the right form. Fighters such as mcgregor, Wonder boy,joanna champion and many more who are far better strikers than Bruce Lee ever was

    2. you’re joking right? If lee was still alive and in his prime he would be beat by just about any mma fighter who is somewhat decent with there grappling. You can be the quickest guy in the world but that won’t help with shit if you’re on the ground getting chocked out.

    3. He would beat them senseless. Most of them are far too slow, and are not good at punching, and boxing in general. They have sloppy form. Many of them are good at kicking, but still not near as good as Bruce. A lot of the MMA guys are real good at wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, as most of you know, UFC-MMA, whatever you call it, started off as mostly wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, these styles were the dominant most common styles for a long time. Now, there is more stand up fighting. But they have a long way to go, before they get fast enough, or have enough dexterity, to have beat Bruce.

  1. Recently the magazine Military History Quarterly had an article about famous personalities that were rejected for military service. It stated that Bruce Lee, despite taking part in his college’s ROTC program was rejected by the draft, one of the reasons was revealed in this video was his near-sightedness along with a few other issues.

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