• November 30, 2017


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! No, no obvious jokes about how delicious chili is here! Just another stop on our journey around the world, this time to the southwestern edge of South America, to the coastal paradise of Chile. So practice with your Trompo, brush up on your football, and watch out for the indio picaro as we divulge these top ten amazing facts about Chile!

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10. Chileans of Notoriety
9. Cuisine of Chile
8. Chilean Wildlife or Festivals
7. The Sights of Chile
6. The Moai of Easter Island
5. Chile and Sports
4. Chilean World Records
3. What’s in a Name?
2. The Truth is Out There
1. The Chilean Independence


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18 thoughts on “Top 10 AMAZING FACTS About CHILE

  1. Jim, great videos. U dont have to apologize, uve dont nothing wrong. Dont let the liberals sissy dork make u feel bad for there stupid political correctness bullshit. Great work, love ur videos dude!! (y) (y) two thumbs up!!!

  2. You forgot that all South América hates chile because they are haters as fuck btw im brazilian i rather be next to an argentinian than with a chilian also isnt pisco peruvian? for what i know pisco was made in the city of pisco in Perú by spanish and that was even before chile were a country because at that time spanish had problems with the South American indians.

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