• July 8, 2017


Welcome to Top10Archive! On the southwestern edge of Europe, making up more than half of the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula sits the country of Portugal, or the Portuguese Republic. With a history stretching back to prehistoric settlements and outdating some of the oldest European states, Portugal is rich with culture, history, and interesting little truths like those covered in this Archive of amazing facts about Portugal!

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10. Cuisine of the Portuguese
9. Famous People of Portugal
8. Football and Portugal
7. The Sites to See
6. Making Leaps in Renewable Energy?
5. Portuguese Records Galore
4. Portugal’s Impact on the Age of Exploration
3. An Old European Soul
2. The Umayyad Muslim Invasions
1. Portugal’s Control of the East


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  1. Thank you for making a video about my country! I rarely see any videos about Portugal and there was many things I did’t know about it!

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