• December 20, 2017

Top 10 ANIMAL SLAYINGS That Sparked OUTRAGE (Harambe, Cecil, Marius)

Welcome to Top10Archive! Though it’s not always evident, humans can be a protective species, especially when it comes to things we often consider “helpless.” When an animal is intentionally killed in a matter considered senseless or needless, the internet breaks down and the offenders are vilified, often meeting a massive and unexpected backlash. We’re taking a look at the strained relationship between Mother Nature and Man and that of Man and himself with these Top 10 Animal Killings That Sparked Outrage.

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10. Luciano Ponzetto’s Last Trophies
9. Topsy
8. Sabrina Corgatelli’s Hunt
7. Kendall Jones’ Big Game
6. Aryanna Gourdin’s African Prize
5. The Controversy of Melissa Bachman
4. The Hamilton Island Genocide
3. Marius
2. Cecil
1. Harambe

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