• February 11, 2019

Top 10 Anime Master Vs Pupil Fights

Top 10 Anime Master Vs Pupil Fights
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Not every battle is between hero and villain. Sometimes its time to prove who the superior fighter is between teacher and student. For this list we’ll be taking a look at iconic and popular anime, including My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuden, Tokyo Ghoul; Re, One-Punch Man, The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai), Bleach, Assassination Classroom, G Gundam, and more to see which of these awesome battles are the very best. Expect to see the likes of Midoriya & Bakugo vs All Might, Goku vs Master Roshi, and Jiraiya vs. Pain along the way!

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10. Meliodas vs Gilthunder
9. Kaneki vs Arima
8. Natsu vs Gildarts
7. Yoruichi vs Soifon
6. Saitama vs Genos
5. Korosensei vs Reaper 2.0
4. Domon vs Master Asia
3, 2, 1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime Master Vs Pupil Fights

  1. Hello? Araragi Vs. Kiss-Shot is literally the best master vs pupil fight if not one of the best and yet WatchMojo didn’t credit it to be even in the top 10. I’m meeed.

  2. I made top 8 Resident evil games and characters
    Top 8 Resident evil games
    8.Resident evil Zero: The story is simple the protagonists are Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, Rebecca and her team must investigate a train in which happened canibal crimes and she meets Billy Coen a prisoner on the train and they both must fight with Queen Leech also the gameplay is a survival horror classic and the final is one very good.
    7.Resident evil 5: Chris and Sheva are the protagonists and they both must fight with Wesker but Wesker is have a partner which that partner is Jill and her meory is lost but Chris and Sheva save her and also they defeat Wesker and the gameplay is a third person shooter.
    6.Resident evil Code Veronica: Claire and Chris are the protagonists but Claire is captured on an island but Chris comes on island to save her sister and the gameplay is a survival horror classic.
    5.Resident evil 7: In this game are new characters the new protagonist is Ethan Winters and he must save his wife from a crazy family the gameplay is a first person shooter survival horror and also classic.
    4.Resident evil 3 Nemesis: This protagonists are Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira they must fight with a monster called Nemesis adn survive to escape from Raccoon City the gameplay is classic but Nemesis is the most annoyng in the game because he will appears every time.
    3.Resident evil 4: Leon Kennedy from RE2 is the protagonist and also the girl he must save her name is Ashley Graham and they must escape from Spain before’s not to late and the gameplay is third person.
    2.Resident evil 2 Remake: The original RE2 is back in 2019 but the story has changed a lot and the characters are the same but the gameplay is now a third person.
    Before number one here are a few Honorable Mentions: Resident evil Revelations 1 and 2, Resident evil 1 remake, Resident evil The Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles.
    1.Resident evil 6: The game have 4 stories, 7 caharcters and 1 virus every chacracter has own story and also the special caharcter from this game is Sherry Birkin because she survived with Leon and Claire ( the best couple ever) in Raccoon City in RE2 and also Leon appears and now he has a partner named Helena Harper and they both must stop Simmons, Sherry must protect Jake from Ustanak because he want Jake’s blood, Chris now have a worst partner Fuking Piers suck my dick Nivans and they both have the mission to destroy a monster called Haos and also Ada has her story and her story is give us the answers from the entire game and also Resident evil 6 is the best game from the series and the most playable from the world and is have so much action!

    Top 8 (best) Resident evil characters

    8.Rebecca Chambers: Rebecca is the medic of STARS team and also she shooth with the guns very well and she is very smart, cute and cool.
    7.Barry Burton: If he appears in just 2 games Barry is also important and courageous and very talented when is about guns.
    6.Albert Wesker: The main villain of the series he also have powers and i the best Villain from the entire series.
    5.Jake Muller: If he is Wesker’s son he have a good heart and he is protect his friends.
    4.Helena Harper: Is Leon partner in RE6 she is very cool, her skills are dangerous but cool and she is like John Wick but in female version.
    3.Mr. X: Is the best Tyrant from the game he first appear in RE2 and he is very strong and indestructible but his weakness is rocket launcher.
    2.Sherry Birkin: Is the best character from RE6 she is like a martial master, she is very smart, talented, cool, very cool and she knows how to use big guns and in RE2 her father was the best villain ever made.
    Before number one here are a few Dishonorable Mentions: Steve Burnside, Piers Nivans, Ada Wong, Jack Krauser, Anette Birkin, Carla Radames the worst characters ever made. and also a honorable mention: Moira Burton why Moira because she is the coolest character ever made and the best.
    1.Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Leon Kenndey and Claire Redfield: The four best and famous characters from the entire series they appears in so many games and they are the most popular, COOL VERY VERY VERY COOL and the best!

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