• December 25, 2016

Top 10 Awkward Family Photos (Holiday Edition)

Welcome to Top10Archive! Looking for the perfect holiday card this year? You could go the boring route, throw on some fancy clothing, and pose awkwardly in front of a department store photographer, or you can do as these families and put some life into your photos! Whether intentional or not, these 10 family holiday pictures are steaming with life, hilarity, and bad decisions!

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10. All Lit Up
9. Very Merry Puppies
8. Cozy in Front of the Fireplace
7. Who’s the Favorite?
6. Santa’s Swim Team
5. Suggestive Mrs. Clause
4. Chillin’ With My Ho’s
3. Nobody Wanted This…
2. A Family of Love
1. A Family That Cooks Together…


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