Top 10 Badass Women in Military History

Welcome to Top10Archive! Women are still often stereotyped as the homemaker, the one that takes care of the children and the household while the husband earns a living. This antiquated way of thinking may never completely go away, but the stories of these ten women – these military badasses throughout history – help to put a different spin on the role of women in society.

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10. Elizabeth Newcom
9. Maria Quiteria de Jesus
8. Khutulun
7. Emilia Plater
6. Nzinga Mbande
5. Agustina de Aragon
4. Caterina Sforza
3. Laskarina Bouboulina
2. Cut Nyak Dhien
1. Joan of Arc


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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Badass Women in Military History

  1. that steriotype that women belongs in the kitchen is long dead. There is
    maybe a few people that really think so please tell me, have you ever meet
    someone with this image of women? Or do you just listen to others. And why
    not make a Top 10 awesome people in war. that features women!? by not
    mentioning any men in the list you are canceling them out and then we dont
    have any of that beloved “equality” that these new age feminists proclaim
    they want. please dont jump aboard the feminazi train.

  2. Gonna give a shout out for Catalina de Erauso, the lieutenant nun. Though I
    don’t actually think the Mulan of Basque should be I the list, she does
    deserve mention.

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