• July 5, 2019

Top 10 Best Nick Fury MCU Moments

There can be only one man to play Nick Fury, and that man is Samuel L. Jackson. The man behind the Avengers initiative has given us countless memorable moments, including his disappearance in the Snap in Infinity War, losing an eye in Captain Marvel, and Fury’s epic action scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. What is your favorite Nick Fury moment?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Nick Fury MCU Moments

  1. It’s a great day. This my new birthday vibe. Take a listen to the entire song. You will love it. Leave me a comment!

  2. Funny to realize that Sam l Jackson’s Fury was his worst role ever.
    Sam L jackson is a fucking legend, he’s not just a PG13 character

  3. Samuel L. Jackson is not the perfect actor for Nick Fury…

    Nick Fury is the perfect character to have Samuel L. Jackson.

    *BTW Nick Fury is based on Samuel L. Jackson*

  4. Nick Fury is the connective tissue within the MCU. The Winter Soldier really is the film where we get a full fledged Nick Fury story and the favorite moment with Fury is him saying to Rogers “Looks like you are giving the orders now…”. Alexander Pierce was loosely based of Alexander Lukin the soviet general who found Bucky Barnes and then brought him back to life and turned him into the Winter Soldier. At one in the comics Lukin becomes a vessel for The Red Skull who takes over his body.

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