• June 29, 2019

Top 10 Cartoon Network Series of the 2010s

The best Cartoon Network series of the 2010s took animation to some surprisingly mature places. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best Cartoon Network shows to come out since 2010, but we’re excluding reboots and Adult Swim series. Cartoon Network has grown a lot since its start in the ‘90s, giving us some of the funniest and awe-inspiring animated shows ever. WatchMojo ranks the best Cartoon Network series of the 2010s. What’s your favorite Cartoon Network series of the 2010s? Let us know in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Cartoon Network Series of the 2010s

    1. What the hell is everyone’s problem with a good show like Steven universe? I mean you are entitled to your own opinion but…..

  1. The correct list:
    10. Ben 10 omniverse (i guess)
    9. Summer camp island
    8. Clarance
    7. We bare bears
    6. Craig of the creek
    5. Ok k.o.
    4. Gumball
    3. Regular show
    2. Steven universe
    1. Adventure time

    Fuck ninjago, that crap should not exist.

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