• October 16, 2016

Top 10 Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump

Top 10 Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump

Donald Trump is seen as a controversial presidential candidate by some, but that doesn’t mean the real estate mogul and author of ‘The Art of The Deal’ doesn’t have a ton of supporters. In fact, ‘The Donald’ can count many celebrity friends among his supprters, including actors Jon Voigt, Lou Ferrigno, and Gary Busey. Athletes such as former NBA star Dennis Rodman, NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens and former boxing champ Mike Tyson. From the celebrities that surprisingly support Trump like Tila Tequila, to the celebrities that are an easier target to hit like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, here’s our list of the Top 10 Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump.

01:10 #10. Dana White
02:06 #9. Lou Ferrigno
02:57 #8. Kid Rock
04:08 #7. Terrell Owens
05:01 #6. Hulk Hogan
05:53 #5. Jon Voight
07:10 #4. Willie Robertson
08:04 #3, #2. AND #1. ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump

  1. AKA, “10 celebrities who are pieces of shit”.

    If this comment offends you, you’re a piece of shit too.

    Fuck Trump and fuck whoever’s voting for him.

    And fuck Hilary too. I hate her too.

  2. No more gop and democratic warhawks. Elect a moderate like Donald. Its not
    his fault gop platform is unelectable. He beat that establishment anyway.
    Hope he beats Hillary. She and Obama were worse then Bush. Make America
    great again, peace

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