Top 10 Celebrities Whose Controversies Are Often Ignored

Top 10 Celebrities Whose Controversies Are Often Ignored

Hollywood scandals sometimes cause our favorite celebrities to fall from grace, which means there are some celebrities whose controversies we ignore. Whether it’s a physical abuse allegation – as in the case of Chris Brown, a murder charge – as in the case of Phil Spector, or a sexual abuse charge – as in the case of Bill Cosby, these are now artists whose work we separate from their personal lives. WatchMojo looks at ten celebrities whose personal lives we have to ignore to enjoy their work.

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00:46 #10: Woody Allen
02:00 #9: Michael Jackson
03:07 #8: Joan Crawford
04:27 #7: R. Kelly
05:41 #6: Richard Wagner
06:32 #5: Sean Penn
07:47 #4: Chris Brown
09:00 #3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrities Whose Controversies Are Often Ignored

  1. Now that MJ’s dead people don’t like to talk about the controversies but
    when he was here they were scrutinised, manipulated and twisted to the
    highest degree. I mean ‘biased’ doesn’t even begin to cover the way the
    media convicted him.

  2. What the fuck? Polanski didn’t rape the girl, she and him, have both stated
    that the sex was consensual, the issue was that she was underage. And in
    what sick twisted universe is that more controversial that R. Kelly pissing
    on a teenager or Joan Crawford abusing her kids?

  3. mj Controversies are the opposite of ignored, everybody says he is a wacko,
    so please stop being ignorant
    ONE WORD to these videos of mj : CLICBAIT
    he helped tons of disabled children and donated 300 million to charity and
    was aquieted of all charges, it is proved that the michael jackson
    accusation was a transvesti trial, it was all phony, he was always
    innocent, ….not even one child appeared in court to testify against
    michael jackson, only adults, who were seeking for money…..i wish
    everyone educated themselves before judging others using arguments of
    tabloid wich are not based on the truth, the FBI searched his house and
    found NOTHING, the freaking FBI, you are better than the FBI now?

  4. MJ’s controversies are far from ignored. People still love his music but
    that doesn’t mean his controversies are ignored. It’s usually the one of
    first things you think about when someone brings him up.

  5. I know wrestling isn’t mainstream anymore but I’d say Chris Benoit. He was
    one of the most beloved/talented professional wrestlers ever and now he’ll
    probably never get mentioned on TV by anyone except Nancy Grace ever
    again… That is unless this Crossface movie happens

  6. Michael Jackson raped all those kids! all u mf sayn “no, but he made good
    music tho” r defending a dead pedophile. foh look at the Corys, look at
    every kid he had over his house. they r all fucked up mentally bc Michael
    stuck his fingers in them.

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