• May 3, 2018

Top 10 Characters Who Have Beaten Batman

Top 10 Characters Who Have Beaten Batman
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Batman is tough, well-trained, and always prepared, but on more than one occasion, certain characters have managed to take him down. Batman rarely stays down, but these are the most historic moments where villains have managed to get the upper hand on the Caped Crusader. These are the characters who somehow managed to beat Batman.

List Rank and Entries
#10: Talon
#9: The Predator
#8: The Mutant Leader
#7: Darkseid
#6: Deathstroke
#5: Ra’s al Ghul
#4: Jason Todd
#3, #2, #1: ?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Characters Who Have Beaten Batman

  1. Anybody with superhuman abilities should be able to defeat Batman dc doesn’t follow the rules because the batbois would be angry

  2. Since Batman is just some guy in a weird costume I womder why villians are so stupid not to defeat him. And also not to kill him.

    Ok, for Joker it would be simply not fun and he enjoys an endless rivalry, but he could just… Idk shoot hin in a face with a pistol any time when Batman turned offline or any other way. Ok, Superman can’t kill him because he is not an asshole. But If he was he could just… like… desintegrate him in a moment with his laser sight? Freeze to a statue with his breath? Tear his head apart with his bare hands on a lightspeed? Chest-penetrate him just like he did the Joker in the Injustice? Turn him into a pool of blood, metal and bones with one punch? Since he is infinite strong, lightspeed fast and actually pretty smart. He even almost gives no fuck about stupid green rocks when he really needs to. There are plenty ways he could do it. But he wont because he is not an asshole.

    But others? Darkseid has almost the same options as Superman. Its fair for many godlike creatures from comics.
    Actually anyone in this list. If they beaten him why not killed? Ok he is fallen. Why not make sure that he is completely dead? Like… cut his throat? Rip off his head? Smash him into a mess?

    Why? He is not that tough. His enemies are just dumb and not using even a half of their possibilities to beat him.

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