Top 10 Coldest Recorded Temperatures on EARTH!

Welcome to Top10Archive! If ever there was a video you’d want to cuddle up with your Snuggie for, it’d be this one! We’re traversing the globe, thermometer in hand, to find the top 10 coldest temperatures ever recorded! To give the best indication of just how cold some areas of the world can get, we considered both ground and air recorded temperatures in compiling this Archive.

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10. Ust’Shchugor, Russia (-72.6° F / -58.1° C)
9. Rogers Pass, Montana (-70° F / -56.5° C)
8. Prospect Creek, Alaska (-79.8° F / -62.1° C)
7. Snag, Yukon (-81.4° F / -63° C)
6. North Ice, Greenland (-87° F / -66.1° C)
5. Verkhoyansk, Russia (-93° F / -69° C)
4. Oymyakon, Russia (-96° F / -71.2° C)
3. Plateau Station, Antarctica (-123° F / -86° C)
2. Vostok, Antarctica (-128° F / -89° C)
1. Dome Argus, Antarctica (-135.8° F / -93.2° C)


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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Coldest Recorded Temperatures on EARTH!

  1. coldest I ever experienced was at the Great Lakes in 1982 ,with the wind
    chill it dropped between 50f and 75f below zero . I pissed outside and it
    turned to slush as hit the ground and froze solid within seconds , guys
    coming in from outside when the warm air hot their eyeglasses causing
    lenses to shatter, welds to pop , one sailor ear froze so hard that he
    pushed on it and it broke . …

  2. As u can see everything was happening till early 80s then the idiots took
    over, the illuminaty-new world order, and the destroy everything. Idiots we
    know what is going on and we waiting for u. Idiots.

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