Top 10 Common Phobias You Probably Have

Welcome to Top10Archive! A phobia is often described as an extreme or irrational fear, one that often elicits an uncontrollable reaction. It’s likely that if you are watching, then you are victim to one of these ten phobias. Viewer discretion is advised.

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10. Trypophobia – The Fear of Holes
9. Aerophobia – The Fear of Flying
8. Mysophobia – Fear of Germs
7. Claustrophobia – The Fear of Enclosed Spaces
6. Astraphobia – The Fear of Storms
5. Cynophobia – The Fear of Dogs
4. Agoraphobia – The Fear of Open or Crowded Spaces
3. Acrophobia – The Fear of Heights
2. Ophidiophobia – The Fear of Snakes
1. Arachnophobia – The Fear of Spiders


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Common Phobias You Probably Have

  1. So, the symptoms of intense fear are basically the same from all sources 😛

    Also I suffer from only Acrophobia on this list, and my body basically goes
    into tortoise mode where it just wants to retreat into a safe place. I get
    incredibly dizzy too when I’m in a high place

  2. I use to be scared of roaches but growing up in a house infested with water
    bugs and having nights when it rained and the damn things would cover the
    walls really numbs you to the fear of bugs

  3. 10 nope
    9 nope
    8 nope
    7 sort of
    6 nope
    5 only if they’re attacking me….
    4 nope
    3 nope
    2 only if they’re attacking me
    1 only if they’re attacking me

    my phobia is of balloons popping…..

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