• August 31, 2018

Top 10 Convicts Who Were Forgotten In Solitary Confinement

Top 10 Convicts Who Were Forgotten In Solitary Confinement
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Solitary confinement is often debated about whether it is to cruel of a punishment. Cruel or not it’s often use as a form of punishment in prison where inmates are isolated from any human contact. They are isolated for 22-24 hours a day with sentencing ranging from days to even decades. In a lot of cases inmates became a high risk of harming themselves, and will go even as far as killing themselves in order to escape the punishment. Some of these inmates are able to outlive there sentence but there are situations where these inmates are just forgotten about. So lets get right into this list, this is the top 10 convicts who were forgotten about in solitary confinement. And here to help us today is Kelly and shes from the top 5 scary videos channel here on Youtube.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Convicts Who Were Forgotten In Solitary Confinement

  1. That inmate may have been harmless but being in hand cuffs does not make it so you are not able to be violent. You can still shove people around and kick. Time for people to start calling it out when claims of “innocence” are made. I you put me in hand cuffs and had to try make me walk some where I could do a great deal of harm to you. That is why there are usually at least 2 officers involved when transporting prisoners.
    What is with the world that they allow such bs claims to go unchallenged?

  2. I was imprisoned in Virginia and met a Rastafarian who was in solitary confinement for almost 15 years at that point for refusing to cut his hair and told of a Navajo who had been in longer for same reason

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