• June 1, 2019

Top 10 Creepiest True Events To Happen To Students

Top 10 Creepiest True Events To Happen To Students
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I feel like school used to be a place of escape and sanctuary back in the day, you’d go have fun with your friends, learn things, it was honestly fun. But nowadays the number of school shootings are increasingly exponentially, students are getting abducted, students are being targeted, and its just not safe anymore. Horrific things have happened in the past, so lets find out what. This is the Top 10 Creepiest True Events To Happen To Students.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Creepiest True Events To Happen To Students

  1. I have a story which isn’t that scary but I guess it’s still a story. I was in the costume crew for my school theater and we were looking for costumes. We were doing a pretty ambitious play costume-wise so we ended up resorting to taking some show choir costumes. We went to the show choir class and began going through costumes. The room was used for storage and their was also pictures of old show choirs. One of the other girls on crew began looking around the choir pictures and began scratching out the face of one of the students. When I first saw that I was somewhat confused as I thought that it must be an old feud but then I was informed that the choir member had actually assisted a murder. This isn’t that scary but it was a big shock to me as my school is very quiet.

    The guy had taken part of the hazing murder at Ohio University. If I remember correctly he was one of the main perpetrators. I don’t know how big the hazing murder was outside of Ohio but here it was all over the news.

  2. One day, in school, I got punished and was sent outside the classroom. I them chewed a bunch of papers, and stuck them all over the window.
    To show the reacher.
    Once, I broke the classroom’s wiring plastic casing, and once I broke a table by hitting it with a chair, and had to pay a fine of $5. and once I broke an Internet cabled system, and the Internet at stopped working for two months.
    But, nothing much happened to me.
    I also used to chase and bite everyone.
    All this happened when I was grade 9.

  3. Some spoiled brats, along with ghosts. I thought the college I went to was haunted. Elevators with run on their own, people had unfortunately commit suicide their, street lights flicker constantly at night

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