• October 26, 2018


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! Drones are awesome tools for creating epic photos and videos of all the beautiful places that this planet has to offer that we normally don’t get to see. But sometimes, they capture things that aren’t so beautiful. Perhaps, even downright terrifying.. and we’ve compiled them for you in this installment of the 10 creepiest things caught by drones!

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 CREEPIEST VIDEOS Caught by DRONES

  1. I mean…Those sharks are in their natural habitat. That’s not creepy. They are supposed to be there. That’s where they live. We are visitors to their world when we get in the water.

  2. The Cannible Whales would be great, however, the Killer Whales in the clip are not whales or are not members of the whale family. They are in fact members of the Dolphin family. They have been known to attack everything from seals to whales.

  3. New sub here, i think the scariest one is the car bomb because thats a real video and it shows how scary this world is, all who died there may they R.I.P

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