• November 1, 2018

Top 10 Creepy Examples of A.I. Gone WILD

Top 10 Creepy Examples of A.I. Gone WILD
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As our dependence on technology grows, could machines develop minds of their own? For this list, we’re searching for the creepiest, scariest moments when artificial intelligence has done or said something unsettling or dangerous, from the Battle Of The Wiki-Bots, to the Russian Robot Escaping Its Lab, and the Schizo-Robo.

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10. Battle Of The WikiBots
9. Russian Robot Escapes Lab
8. SchizoRobo
7. Racist AI Judges Beauty Contest
6. Google Assistants’ Existential Conversation
5. Amazon ALEXA
4. Chinese Robot Injures Man

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Creepy Examples of A.I. Gone WILD

  1. The Arizona self driving car crash was unpreventable. A human would not have noticed the darkly cled woman and if he did, he would have done so even later than an A.I. car with infrared sensors, the failure of which has been cited as the most likely reason for the non-reaction.
    A.I.s are the superior drivers, especially if they are amongst themselves.

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