• May 12, 2019

Top 10 Crooked Cops Caught on Camera

Hey Youtube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We all know police officers exist to enforce the laws that our government has deemed best keep us safe and orderly. They’re here to keep everything going well. When we see them in uniform, we should feel great, like everything is working like it’s supposed to, but that’s far from the truth in a lot of instances. These days, we see a lot of discord about police behavior and misuse of authority and it’s always that much more shocking when we see it on camera. Whether they’re beating civilians, arresting kids, or asking for “hush money”, it’s truly disgusting to feel like you’re a witness to the things authority is capable of. In this video, we’re going to highlight just 10 Crooked Cops Caught on Camera.

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Crooked Cops Caught on Camera

  1. i fell victim to our crucked jujitsal system
    my cort appointed attorney did not do her job
    i knew were the evidence was to exonerate me and expos the tribal police for infringement on my civil liberty’s
    this included a tape with audio evidence
    she claimed that the tape did not exist
    but she did not bring to cort other evidence proving my case
    i won the case but not be cos of the evidence but becos the cort had decided i was mor trouble than i was worth
    in the us the courts are to fallow strict procedures witch thy do not
    doing research shows that the police and the corts are now victimizing sener citasens be cos of there inability to defend themselves
    the legal system dos not care about justas but cares about there crismas bonuses
    so thy have been trumping up charges to makeup for there loss of busts do to the legalization of maryjane here
    im having problems with the spellchecker

  2. Have/will you do a top 10 on good things cops have done or will you only portray them using footage from “Police Academy” so that they’re seen as either a joke or deserving of scorn? The positives mentioned are really only saved for the end where the percentage of people who watch to the very end of a video will hear it. Imagine someone talking about your profession and only focusing on the bad apples such that everyone gets the impression you’re all bad.

  3. Hey Jim here is a good story or bad depending on how you look at it of cops abusing their power. On April 2nd of 1993 I traded in my old Mustang for a new Mustang actually I had purchased the car the day before on a Thursday but I had to wait till my insurance company opened Friday so I could switch the insurance over well when I came back Friday someone in the service department had taken the airbag out to put in another Mustang that came in for service. Now airbags had not become mandatory by the federal government yet then they were just an added safety feature so it was not against the law to not have one or have one removed. So when I brought the insurance papers in and picked up the car there was a gaping hole in the center of the steering wheel and they tried to tell me someone broke into the lot and stole it out of the car the night before but then they finally fessed up and told me about it being taken out for another car that was in for service and convinced me that it was perfectly okay to take the Mustang that there would be no law broken just wear your safety belt and that they’d already placed an order for another airbag for my Mustang and it would be in in about a week. Though I was reluctant to take the car I took the car anyway and I had planned on going to Nashville with the new car for the weekend anyway I live in North Georgia. So I take the car go to Nashville everything goes great Sunday April 4th and I remember because it’s the day that time sprung forward because of daylight savings. I leave Nashville on I-24 and I get to LaVergne just outside of Nashville and I go through a speed trap with the speed limit goes from 65 miles per hour down to 55 miles per hour and I didn’t realize it. I’m not from that area don’t travel that area often so honest mistake. well a Tennessee state trooper did realize I was traveling 65 in a 55 and pulled me over. He got to about my rear driver side wheel seen the steering wheel with the wires hanging out of it and thinks that I’ve stolen my own car and started yelling obscenities at me to put my hands on the steering wheel then proceeded to place his handgun against the side of my skull right behind my left ear and held it there for about 5 minutes until backup arrived. This guy was so adrenaline pumped the barrel of his gun was tap-dancing on my skull the whole time I honestly thought I was going to die. After his backup showed up and about an hour later after sitting on a guard rail wearing handcuffs with all the rubberneckers passing by staring at me and 6 Tennessee state trooper cars with all their lights flashing. when everything got sorted out I simply said an apology would be nice and he turned and looked at me with at least four other Tennessee state troopers Within earshot and said you better be lucky I didn’t put you in the ground. considering he already drug me out of my car to the ground when his back up showed up I had no doubt what he meant by that so I just got in my car and got the hell out of there. I was on my first weekend getaway with the person I would be spending the rest of my life with who is a school teacher that can verify everything I said is true. That’s my near death experience in dealing with Shady law enforcement. On a side note I have not trusted a police officer since nor will I and neither should you.

    1. I forgot to add that a few days later I went through a license, insurance and registration roadblock in North Georgia. They used to have those around here occasionally before it was all put into a database and they would just revoke your license via computer. Well anyway I get to my turn to talk to the police officer in line when the next car pulled away and I was thinking oh great here we go again. And before even asking for my license insurance and registration the policeman said what happened to your airbag and I proceeded to tell him the story about the dealership and that was it no drama, no guns pulled or wearing handcuffs

  4. Yes, he’s my f****** uncle.
    If you ever in Wasaga Beach Ontario Canada watch out for officer Glenn Seymour Yes that’s his real name.
    He’s a liar and a thief, a double whammy…

  5. Oh yeah. Had trouble lots of times. And they were times I needed their help bad. My uncle attempted to run me over with his car. I was able to run fast enough and jump a fence. Called the sheriff and they said well you didnt get hit so not coming out there. I accidentally knocked my cousin off his bike when he was trying to run me over with it. Someone yelled out and I turned around and my arm hit him and he fell. I picked him up asked if he was ok and he was. Dusted him off and sent him home. 10 min later sheriff ay my door saying I beat up a kid. My friend was given alcohol at a work party when she was underage. Slipped a roofie. The guy stole my other friends car keys and took my drugged friend. She showed up next morning with friends car and said she had been raped. We called the cops. The cops said well you got the car back tell me where she was served alcohol. Refused to listen to us. Did nothing. Have had friends assaulted. I still know there are good cops though

  6. A town about 30 minutes away from me was full of crooked cops. The FBI became involved, and pretty much, the entire police force in that town was fired, most spent time locked up, and the town got an all new task force. It was nuts.

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