Top 10 Dangerous Substances That Will Straight-Up Kill You

Top 10 Most Dangerous Substances on Earth

There are a number of extremely hazardous materials in the world, and you should definitely try to avoid all of them. The most dangerous substances on Earth include chemical elements as common as Mercury and Lead, or famously toxic materials like ricin and sarin. WatchMojo takes a look at ten dangerous substances that will straight-up kill you, so you can stay safe.

Top 10 Most Ridiculously Expensive Substances on Earth:

01:01 #10: Mercury
02:00 #9: Polonium-210
02:57 #8: Lead
04:04 #7: Asbestos
05:08 #6: Ricin
06:17 #5: Cyanide
07:22 #4: Caesium
08:21 #3, #2 & #1???

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    After he died the new owners wanted to remove it but found out that it was
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