• December 5, 2018

Top 10 Dark Web Creepypastas

Top 10 Dark Web Creepypastas
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The Dark Web is a part of the deep web – often described as the internet under the internet. Its real – it exist – and I’m sure many of you have heard strange stories from it and governments attempts to shut certain sites down. These stories are creepypastas about the dark web, that doesn’t mean they’re real but it also doesn’t mean they’re not real. Its up to you to decide. Make sure you also check out our scariest creepypastas video up here if you haven’t – if you can get through this video – that’s definitely the next one you should watch …

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Dark Web Creepypastas

    1. Hey guys great channel. Really love the urban legend’s. I’ve lived here in New Jersey my entire life and there are many legends, but there is one that had been entwined in my life that may have came from my father. I would tell my story but not in the comments but willing to say Jersey devil.

  1. People THINK the sun will explode, but it won’t. The sun isn’t massive enough to undergo a supernova when it runs out of hydrogen. When it does, it will expand, slowly turning into a red-giant. It will keep expanding, and it will lose it’s outer layers, becoming a white dwarf. The more massive blue and white stars undergo a supernova at the end instead of becoming a white dwarf, but the sun is not large enough to do that.

  2. Any1 that knos creepypastas knos u don’t havec2 go in reddit and read nowadays. They sent u links but 4 any1 who doesn’t kno I’ll tell u SOMETHING WAY, WAY, WAY BETTER. There r a great bunch a PEOPLE out there that put alotta time and effort 4 US 2 listen 2 them read us creepypastas. All the stories they have told on this top 10 u can find AN amazing person 2 read it 4 u. Here’s just a few. 4 the 1st 1 I found clancypasta and he told it great. The 2nd 1 I found under creepypasta.com. now somemore awesome narrators, Kingspook, Dr Creepen, Creeps Mcpasta, Unit #522, Creepy Ghost Stories, Lady Mcreepsta, Chilling Tales 4 Dark Nights. There r SOME that tell true tales like Mr Davis. U will find ure favourites as have I but in general their all awesome 4 taking their time and energy 2 read these creepypasta stories 2 us on a regular basis. 1 thing tho, once start u get addicted.

  3. All the Gore isn’t deep Web and isn’t killers but is dead people pics in videos.
    I may have to look into some of these, some are interesting.

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