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Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! When Jurassic Park released – or Jurassic World, if you’re in the younger crowd – we fantasized what a world with dinosaurs would be like. Sure, it may be cool to have a baby triceratops running around, but what about the monstrosities that once ruled lands as their own? Beasts like the ten dinosaurs in this Archive that we’re more than glad didn’t resist extinction.

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10. Coelophysis bauri
9. Eocarcharia
8. Masiakasaurus
7. Mapusaurus
6. Dracorex
5. Utahraptor
4. Carnotaurus
3. Tyrannosaurus Rex
2. Giganotosaurus
1. Spinosaurus

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 DINOSAURS We’re GLAD ARE EXTINCT

  1. It’s not that it’s described wrong, but the part about the dracorex insinuates that’s a species of its own… Which according to Jack Horner’s theory isn’t correct, and that a dracorex is actually a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus.

    1. Top 10 Archive – Mark
      Ah oke, I’m not a paleontologist so I’m not sure wich theory to believe… His theory sounded quite reasonable, mainly because of the bone structure difference between juvenile and mature dinosaurs in the species compared.

    2. Sacha Drenth We did come across that and, had we no time constraints, would have addressed it; but Horner’s theory is heavily debated and, from the evidence we saw, doesn’t seem to be as substantiated.

  2. I’m glad these monsters are extinct. They would cause a lot of destruction due to how strong they are. Also, if they lived in the present world, pretty sure we would kill all but 10 which would be kept in zoos as a tourist attraction. Because it’s either they die or we die. Can’t have two things on top of the food chain. Also, Jim is that your natural voice? Because it’s super awesome and sexy sounding, how do I sound like that?

    1. Narrator says: Me, too … and yes, for the most part, it’s my real voice, but good recording equipment also helps bring out the best … in others words, don’t expect me to sound exactly like that in person 🙂

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