• April 25, 2018

Top 10 Dumbest Flat Earth Arguments

Top 10 Dumbest Flat Earth Arguments
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Welcome back guys, my name is Danny Burke and today I’m gonna be taking a look at the Top 10 Dumbest Flat Earth Arguments Debunked. Maybe you’re interested in the whole flat Earth argument, maybe you want a video to send to your friend to convince them that it’s not true – maybe you’re a Flat-Earther whose already disliked this video and is heading down to the comments section as I speak. Either way lets get into this – for the purposes of this video I will be using the term round to describe the oblate spheroid shape of the Earth as described by the current scientific model – its just easier to say round.


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Flat Earth Arguments

  1. Any FEr who flies overseas on holiday should ask the pilot what coordinate system is being used in the navigation computer. Spoilers, it aint FE coordinates.

  2. 10. If the ship had disappeared behind a curvature, then it would be impossible to see it again using a zoom lense or a telescope, but the fact that you can do exactly that, debunks this false argument – which has been debunked repeatedly, but still you globe fans keep using it. It’s perspective, that creates the effect, not an imaginary curvature!
    9. At the Equator the same star contellations can be observed all year round, no matter what direction we’re alledgedly observing the night sky – no matter the Earth’s alleged position relative to the Sun – and that clearly proves, that the Earth is stationary. Mid winter = stars observed in one direction. Mid Summer = stars observed in the exact opposite direction. But still the same combinations of stars can be observed all year round. That alone proves my point!
    8. It’s on a need to know basis. Only those who absolutely has to know, it’s a lie, knows about it. The rest is just looking at prefabricated materials, containing the false info, and are just passing on this false info to others. The lie is so big that, hardly anyone can believe it’s not true.
    7. We know, that gravity does NOT exists (and you even mention that fact), so therefore your follow-up ”conclusion” does not make any sense.
    Density and buoyancy, and electromagnetic frequencies is the preliminary theory, which replaces the false gravity theory. If anything is heavier than the air around it, it falls down, and if it’s lighter than the air around it, it goes up.
    6. That also works fine on a flat Earth with a closer and smaller Sun.
    5. No! The Sun disappears from, and reappears into, your sight because of the big distances on Earth combined with the (much smaller than claimed) size of the Sun.
    4. Why are there Not more pictures of Earth from the different alleged space-travels? There should be thousands of real pictures of the whole Earth. Where are the pictures from the alleged far away sattelites? And why do the size of the continents and the colors differ so much from one CGI to another?
    3. You can see more the higher you go up on a flat Earth, so that’s not true, that it makes no difference. What kind of ”logic” is that?
    2. There is no such things as planets. They are wandering stars with different path and speeds than the regular stars. I filmed Venus and it looks more like a pulsating electric light, than a planet.
    1. Wrong! The Sun and the Moon circulates above the flat Earth and outer space does NOT exist.

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