• December 17, 2018

Top 10 Dumbest Jobs That Actually Exist

Top 10 Dumbest Jobs That Actually Exist
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People have to work in order to make a living, and there are a lot of different kinds of jobs out there in the world. But I think you guys will be very surprised at how dumb some of these jobs are. Iโ€™m not one to judge though. Because a lot of people think being a YouTuber isnโ€™t a real job. So, I actually have a lot of respect for these people on this list. But I also find myself scratching my head because I canโ€™t believe that these jobs are real. So here we have the top 10 dumbest jobs that actually exist.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Jobs That Actually Exist

  1. I think I got the dumbest job I’m a watch man at a boarding care it’s like a security guard but just watching adults that are mental health and make shore they don’t fight I’ve seen some crazy stuff

  2. It’s not about the brains..
    Being alive and all..
    For their own purpose.the real reason.. Its a secret. Who knows what’s going on in their minds. I don’t want to know any deeper. ๐Ÿ˜’

  3. My husband always make this joke whenever we pass a sign for a Psychic fair, ” Psychic fair cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.” Always makes me laugh.

  4. I got my palm read and they said i would break up with my boyfriend that year. a few months later I did break up with him. but she did get one thing wrong. I never met the “man” I was gonna marry in my next job. instead I got engaged to My best friend. who is a girl. ๐Ÿค— I totally believe in it. !

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