• January 12, 2019

Top 10 Embarrassing Defeats in Anime

Top 10 Embarrassing Defeats in Anime
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You can’t win them all…but if you’re going to lose, please have some decorum. For this list we’re looking at times heroes and villains got totally rekt in anime series such as Pokemon, One-Punch Man, One Piece, My Hero Academia, The Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu no taizai), assassination classroom, medabots, Dragon Ball Z, Re:Zero, Yu Yu Hakusho and more! Expect the likes of Perona, Sonic, and Aoyama to make appearances too.

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10. Should’ve Been Child’s Play
9. Talk Shit, Get Hit
8. Yamcha Does What Yamcha Does Best
7. Setting The Tone For The Rest Of His Career
6. 1Minutes of Shame
5. Nagisa’s Smile
4. Practise What You Preach
3, 2, 1: ???

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