• April 9, 2018

Top 10 Famous Child Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers

Top 10 Famous Child Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers
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These child celebrities had a great beginning to what should have been a life long career. However, the celebrities that we are about to mention, have done something that goes against the law and have ruined their careers completely. So lets take a look at the Top 10 Famous Child Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers.


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Famous Child Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers

  1. @Landon and Amazing Top 10 I am so disappointed with this video and whoever wrote the script. People with mental health conditions are NOT crazy!!!!!!! It’s this stereotype and attitude that causes people not to get help. With your influence I would hope that you would be more careful of what you say. I hope in the future this doesn’t happen again.

  2. Out of the whole list of people in this, I think some of them just got screwed over for a dumb reason or more or that one or two of them probably got manipulated by someone who driven them to where they’re at. Some may agree, some may disagree. But I think some of them had no intention on ruining their careers but the ones I believe got screwed over for something so dumb or if some of some of had no idea what they were doing and found out later what it was and got dropped from their career or their agents or Hollywood or if they suffered backlash for something that was a dumb reason or if it was because some people are just too sensitive to forgive or give someone the benefit of the doubt are thinking if one small thing offends them, they think the actor or actress should be punished for life when really it was just the business industries overreacting. So it’s safe to say that even actors like some of the former child stars in this list got a raw deal.

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