• September 12, 2017

Top 10 Famous People Who Almost Died on 9/11

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There are stories of September 11th premonitions saving people from being inside the World Trade Center that day in 2001. In fact, some celebrities narrowly avoided death on 9/11. For example, Gabourey Sidibe was supposed to be in class nearby but overslept, Rob Lowe was on a test-run with the terrorists weeks before, and Olympian Ian Thorpe was heading back to the WTC to play tourist that morning. WatchMojo counts down small choices that saved celebrity lives on 9/11.

00:40 #10: Michael Lomonaco
01:32 #9: Patti Austin
02:19 #8: Jim Pierce
03:09 #7: Jackie Chan
03:55 #6: Rob Lowe
04:48 #5: Gabourey Sidibe
05:31 #4: Ian Thorpe
06:18 #3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Famous People Who Almost Died on 9/11

  1. The worst tragedy in recent memory; the day America bombed itself to start a war…

    Before you say I’m disrespecting the memory of the dead, let me say this: Which is more disrespectful? To use those YOU killed to fuel your hidden agenda, or pointing out the truth of that hidden agenda so those truly resposible can be brought to justice?

  2. My mom worked in one of the Towers and was supposed to open The Body Shop/Bath and Body works that day, my older brother and I made her late for work that morning and you know what from there. Everything happens for a reason(sometimes sadly)

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