• August 30, 2016

Top 10 Funniest TV Bosses

Top 10 Funniest TV Bosses

There are some hilarious TV bosses on this list! Some are funny, some make you because otherwise you’d have to cry! Featuring the likes of Bob Kelso from Scrubs, Ray Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lou Grant from the The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Jimmy James from NewsRadio, Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation,

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Funniest TV Bosses

  1. What no WKRP in Cincinatti Ben Carson, nor Mr.Wick of the Drew Carey Show,
    How about Judge Harold.T.Stone from Night Court, Gov. Eugene Gatling from
    Benson, George Jefferson from the Jefferson, Mel from Alice (1976-85),
    McHale’s Navy’s Captain Wallace Binghamton, Larry Tate from Bewitched,
    Sgt.Carter from Gomer Pyle , The Chief from Get Smart, Mork & Mindy’s
    Orson, F-Troop’s Captain Wilton Parmenter, Hogan’s Heroes’ Col.Hogan,
    Lt.Col.Blake or Col.Potter from M.A.S.H among a few others that deserve to
    be on the top 10 or honorable mention.

  2. Sigh….. why did I watch this knowing The mfin’ Office was gonna take
    number one? Why do I set myself up for a let down EVERY time? I cannot even
    begin to come to terms with how much I HATE that friggin show… lol

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