Top 10 Future Body Modifications That Will BLOW Your Mind

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Hello YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Are you displeased with that meat-sack you call a body? Do you wish your body was just as smart as your phone? You’re in luck! The future of self-alteration is a bright one as the historic practice of modifying one’s body continues to evolve! See what incredible things you will be able to do with your new iBody with these Top 10 Future Body Modifications!

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10. Implanted Compass
9. Subdermal Watches
8. Magnetic Implants
7. Internal LED Lighting
6. E-Tattoos
5. Subdermal RFID Chips
4. Near Field Communication implants
3. Advanced Eye Bionics
2. Artificial Muscles
1. Implantable Smartphones


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  1. woah number 6 is really cool wasn’t that featured in a Simpson episode though… on of the future themed ones…I think Lisa’s kid had one😂weird

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