• August 25, 2019

Top 10 Games Banned for Stupid Reasons

Speaking of stupid reasons, did you know someone was arrested for playing Pokémon GO in a church? Find out more over on MojoPlays

You are CANCELLED! For this list, we’ll be going over the video games banned in countries around the world for odd, illogical, or downright silly reasons. Some of these games include Mass Effect, Devotion and even Pokémon. Which of these bans was the most ridiculous in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Games Banned for Stupid Reasons

    1. Hmm im a kuwaitie from kuwait and that ban is wrong and i never heared it i can tell u for fact its not banned and i beat the game .. people understand what gods among us mean.

    2. It was the product placement that banned the mma game due energy drinks is fully legal in Denmark and they haven’t been banned. Come on watch mojo

  1. I’m from Venezuela, we can play “shooting” games, in our computers, in Cyber coffees, that’s not true, we hate Chavez, but, He doesn’t banned “shooting” games

  2. Are you f**king kidding me both PUBG and PUBG mobile are not banned in Nepal but Pubg mobile was trying to be banned until the national mobile networks lawsuit for in game violence was dismissed by the government

  3. it’s true the Pokemon Frenches was a big issue in Saudi 1996 – 2000 but it wasn’t banned and most of the Saudis were laughing at the religious groups who promote this idea.

  4. I can see why a couple of these might be banned. And some of these countries have their reasons on why these video games are banned, I wouldn’t call it stupid

  5. PUBG was discussed to be banned from Nepal but wasn’t actually banned. IIRC it was temporarily banned only from government internet service.

  6. Hi WM im from Saudia Arabia and i can sure to you that Pokemon was first banned but now its not at all
    i can play the Pokemon games anywhere….

    either on Console or on mobile
    Update your information please

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