Top 10 Games That Became Pop Culture Sensations

Top 10 Games That Became Cultural Phenomenons
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These are the video games that surpassed their humble beginnings to become ubiquitous media giants, inescapable intellectual properties and just plain old household names. They’re recognized everywhere, have been turned in merchandise, movies and memes, and are more popular with some kids these days anything else. So put on your Minecraft t-shirt, cuz we here over at are counting down the Top 10 Games That Became Cultural Phenomenons.

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00:35 #10: Halo
01:41 #9: Angry Birds
02:40 #8: Minecraft
03:34 #7: Tetris
04:26 #6: Tomb Raider
05:25 #5: Call Of Duty
06:17 #4: Pac-Man
07:11 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Games That Became Pop Culture Sensations

  1. I think many people here haven’t read the title. This list is not about the
    best games, it’s about the games which influenced culture the most.

  2. You forgot to show the movie wizzard that they also commercialize mario 3
    in the number one entry with the plumper,mario ah yes the unforgetting
    moments with him having probably the craziest relationship with gravity in
    those huge gaps.The screams and night terrors we had as kids with that
    weird world of his and the fact we couldn’t beat that last freaking
    level.Of course he is iconinc his short and has a mustache and work as a
    plumber by starring on a video game we talking about the most awkward
    beloved game character in the whole universe.But also he is the one that
    revolutionised the platforming in gaming as well.

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