• March 21, 2019


Welcome to Top10Archive! Rummaging through others peoples clutter has been a pastime for many, cause well “it was 99 cents”. Submitted by YouTuber user Pluto545, we were happy to go picking through the articles, finding those who found valuable items at garage sales, thrift shops, estate sales or flea markets. From a painting of flowers to a few simple photographs, here are 10 finds worth millions.

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10. Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth
9. Andy Warhol Sketch
8. Northern Song Dynasty Bowl
7. Declaration of Independence
6. Billy the Kid Photo
5. John Constable Painting
4. Mazarin Chest
3. King Henry VII Tudor Bed
2. Imperial Faberge Egg
1. Ansel Adams Lost Negatives


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15 thoughts on “Top 10 GARAGE SALE FINDS Turned MILLIONS!

    1. Top 10 Archive one time I heard that my next door neighbor found an original Picasso in his attic!

      Also one time I found a letter written by Fredrick Douglas in a garage sale game case. I have it to the Jefferson city library that has a big Frederick Douglas collection and they gave me a free pass to see it when I wanted to.

    2. Searching eBay I bought a lot of probably 20 US 2 cent pieces for 25$ and realized one was rare and sold for 250 and the rest for around 100$ also a yellow bordered 60’ something Topps baseball variant for 3$ sold for 200$. Not nearly as much as coin man but still fun.

  1. The worth of these items is astounding but just to see these things is stupification.
    I love AR! I learn about terminology, eras that certain artists were working, and just to look at these things that people just don’t know enough about.

  2. I have a used condom containing copious dna from the town “Mayor”, whomso which forth self declares descent from Royal Loins. Approximate valuation Sir?

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