• October 17, 2016

Top 10 GTA Moments Ripped Straight from the Movies

Top 10 GTA Moments Ripped Straight from the Movies

These are the parts of the Grand Theft Auto games that were clearly inspired by, drew inspiration from, or basically straight up took and ripped off moments from movies – or film if you wanna be fancy. These are less spoofs, jokes, references or take-offs, but more moments or scenes that have been lovingly recreated. GTA doesn’t really hide where it got it’s inspiration from – being the self referential and funny franchise that it is – so keep your eyes peeled, some of your favorite crime thrillers, mafia stories and action movies are bound to make a few appearances here.

00:56 #10: Rub Out, GTA Vice City – To Live and Die in LA
01:47 #9: Drug Deal Gone Wrong, Grand Theft Auto V – No Country for Old Men
02:56 #8: Tommy Becomes Jason, Vice City – Friday the 13th Part III
03:57 #7: Thelma & Louise Car, Grand Theft Auto V – Thelma & Louise
05:00 #6: Love Fist’s Limo, Vice City – Speed
05:53 #5: Sewer Chase Through LA, GTA San Andreas – Terminator 2: Judgment Day
06:43 #4: Michael Pulls Down a House, Grand Theft Auto V – Lethal Weapon 2
07:40 #3, #2 &#1:????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 GTA Moments Ripped Straight from the Movies

  1. Did anyone else realize that #9 Drug deal gone wrong GTA Vice City- No
    Country For Old Men can’t be ripped straight from the movie since Vice City
    came out in 2002 and No Country For Old Men came out in 2007?

  2. wow GTA V’s story missions has gotta be less than 50% of the game cause
    there’s so many things I never saw, the Thelma and Louise thing, the No
    country for Old men thing, I have no idea how you even initiate those
    sequences, you basically have to be in the right place at the right time to
    see them, wow has anyone 100 percented GTA V??

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