• June 23, 2017

Top 10 Historical Predictions That Actually Came True

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Wanna hear some of the most accurate predictions of the future? Between Mark Twain predicting his own death would coincide with Halley’s Comet, H.G. Wells predicting the Atomic Bomb or John Elfreth Watkins Jr. foreseeing the invention of the Television, these are some of the most impressive predictions in history that turned out to be true. WatchMojo counts down ten predictions from the past about the future that actually came true!

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00:38 #10: The Atomic Bomb – H. G. Wells
01:29 #9: Television – John Elfreth Watkins Jr.
02:19 #8: The Periodic Table – Dmitri Mendeleev
03:03 #7: Debit Cards – Edward Bellamy
03:38 #6: Organ Transplants – Robert Boyle
04:22 #5: Mark Twain’s Own Death – Mark Twain
05:02 #4: Wi-Fi / Wireless Devices – Nikola Tesla
05:52 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Historical Predictions That Actually Came True

  1. [SPOILER ALERT] On Jules Verne’s book, passengers never landed on moon, they eventually got on it’s orbit. So it’s “travelling to moon”, not “moon landing’. Furthermore, the writer should have taken at least 5 places on this list, with the most noticeable being the invention of submarines.

  2. False, there is gravity is space, you just don’t experience it the same way because you’re accelerating at the rate of earth’s gravity.

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