• January 27, 2017

Top 10 Illegal Things You’ve Probably Done at Least Once

Top 10 Illegal Things You’ve Probably Done at Least Once

There are probably a bunch of illegal things you do all the time: whether it’s online streaming, littering, jaywalking or just not picking up after your dog, the list of things against the law is a long one and there are crimes you may have committed without even knowing it! Other common illegal things even honest people do include loitering, speeding and using unsecured WiFi… WatchMojo counts down ten laws you’ve broken without even realizing it

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00:45 #10. Jaywalking
01:50 #9. Loitering
02:56 #8. Speeding
03:44 #7. Not Cleaning Up After Your Dog
04:29 #6. Driving Under the Influence
05:20 #5. Marijuana
06:12 #4. Littering
07:04 #3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Illegal Things You’ve Probably Done at Least Once

  1. It’s funny when he said president Obama. It’s president trump now but trump
    probably takes a dump and we all know he never cleans up after himself

  2. I always Jaywalk, in front of a traffic enforcer….everyday

    considering the fact that our country is poor, the guy probably doesnt give
    a fuck anymore due to very low salary, who would be motivated to work hard
    on a shit job that pays so little anyways..

  3. It’s Not Against The ‘Law’ though In England. My Dog Shits Where It Wants!
    And I Most Definitely Do NOT Pick Shit Up! 💪🏼

    In Fact! I’d Love To See A Civil Servant (Police Person) Even Try And
    Enforce A Statute And Act, Put In Place For The ‘Government’ so They Can
    Make That Little Bit Extra Cash For Their Ass Pockets! 💯🖕🏼👊🏼

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