• September 15, 2016

Top 10 Infamous Moments in Music History

Top 10 Infamous Moments in Music History

The history of music is filled with controversy, and some moments are better forgotten. Whether it’s Kanye at the VMA’s, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s wardrobe malfunction, Milli Vanilli’s lip sync incident, Metallica’s Napster lawsuit or the 1999 Woodstock riots, these infamous episodes in music history stirred conversation and divided opinion the world over. Join WatchMojo.com as we chronicle the top 10 most infamous moments in music history.

00:53 #10: U2 Puts Their Album on Everyone’s iPhone
02:24 #9: Sinead O’Connor Rips Up The Pope
03:36 #8: Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s wardrobe malfunction
04:42 #7: Kanye Bum Rushes Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA’s
05:59 #6:Woodstock 1999 Riots
07:17 #5: NWA and the FBI
08:33 #4: Metallica Sues Napster
09:45 #3, #2 & #1: ?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Infamous Moments in Music History

  1. I remember a few years before Metallica went after Napster, Garth Brooks
    made a huge deal out of stores selling used CD’s,saying that the artists
    doesn’t get paid from someone purchasing a used CD,I’m thinking really?
    This was in the days before downloading and streaming and artists like him
    were selling 10 million copies of every album and making serious bank. I
    thought that was actually worse than Metallica vs. Napster.

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