• January 30, 2017

Top 10 John Oliver Moments

Top 10 John Oliver Moments On Last Week Tonight

From make Donald Drumf again to Jeff the Diseased Lung, John Oliver has had some amazing and hilarious skits on his HBO series Last Week Tonight. His hashtags like #MangoRomComs and #NotMyChristian, have left audiences with some of the funniest comedy on television. For this list, we’re looking at individual segments, not full episodes; anything from the short recaps to the top story of the week. We’re only looking at John Oliver’s rants and monologues however, so bits like “How is This Still a Thing” won’t be considered. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the funniest Last Week Tonight Moments.

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00:49 #10. Dr. Oz and Dietary Supplements
02:08 #9. Tobacco
03:20 #8. Sex Education
04:30 #7. Televangelists
05:44 #6. 2015 Canadian Federal Election
07:10 #5. U.S. Presidential Scandals
08:35 #4. 2015 FIFA Corruption Case
09:44 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 John Oliver Moments

  1. I’m not from the USA. I used to like John Oliver… then, he started with
    the “I am a celebrity and I will use Donal Trump theme to make noise”. He’s
    not from the USA either, so it was a boring and lame move.

  2. I will admit that the show and John Oliver are funny. The problem that
    exist is that Last Week Tonight is a far left wing progressive show. They
    pander to the crazy liberals (yes I know there are crazy conservatives
    too). The show leaves out important information that would help its
    viewer’s make good unbiased decisions. When they do run a story they also
    twist the truth so it fits their liberal ideology. Again leaving their
    viewer’s with a distorted version of the truth. Last Week Tonight is a news
    show with alittle comedy thrown in. It’s not a comedy show about the news.
    Just listen to the beginning of the clip. What’s ironic is that they think
    they’re a important news show but when a outsider points out the blatant
    lies and hypocrisy they will say but we are just a comedy show. Like I
    said, Last Week Tonight is a funny show. Just watch it with a open mind and
    know there is more to the stories they air. 😕

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder or better at JO than when he said
    “Take a look at these babies,” and brought his feet up so you could see he
    was wearing a pair of gold Adidas Wings. And forgive me, WatchMojo, but HOW

  4. Couple of comments
    1. If right-wing people can’t stand other people’s political views and
    social views such as lgbt abortion you know you guys can just not view
    those videos and stick to shows where they would agree with you.
    2. Oliver has been active since 2014 meaning before Trump ever became a
    candidate and he actually covered other issues that are really important,
    people should see it.
    3. In regards to people saying he manipulates the information, You know you
    have to present evidence first
    4. People bitching that him and other “liberal” talk show hosts such as
    Noah Maher and Colbert for attacking Trump a lot and seemingly give Clinton
    a pass, honestly Trump does some shit that people can attack every damn
    week during his campaign while Clinton has her emails and foundation which
    maybe view but has definitely been covered in conservative shows so there
    is a bias depending on your viewpoints but if you are a conservative, why
    the fuck would you watch shows you see as liberal knowing you would just
    hate on it, you know you’re just killing yourself in the inside
    Note: Not an American but I always see these things in the comments section
    for any talk show considered liberal or if the talk show host is mentioned
    in another video

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