• April 6, 2019

Top 10 Lucky Moments Caught On Camera

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Have you ever opened your door and just felt the fresh air on your face thinking “it’s my lucky day!” What do you do then? Buy a lottery ticket? Buy something expensive on credit? Drive more adventurously? Most people don’t know they’re living their luckiest day until a lucky moment happens to them. Sometimes, these people even get to rewatch their luckiest moments because they were caught on camera! Which is how we put together the top 10 luckiest moments caught on camera. From traffic near-hits, lucky shots, immediate riches, and near-death experiences, we chose the craziest moments of luck.

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13 thoughts on “Top 10 Lucky Moments Caught On Camera

    1. Thank God that guy snatched those kids away in time to save them from the swerving car. I’m also glad the skier had a conscience in addition to common sense to avoid hitting the dog.

    2. I almost drowned once, by jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool without knowing how to swim well enough. My hands kept slipping off of the pole the lifeguard held out to me; at one point I heard a lady say _oh my god,_ when I briefly rose to the surface. Then once more I grabbed it and this time my grip held. I must have been about eight years old.

  1. Back in late August I was clipped by a huge gust of over 60 mph wind while on my bike. I was flipped completely over, skinning both knees and both wrists, the right side taking the brunt of the impact. Thankfully, I am left handed. To this day my right hand still bears scars (though they are slowly disappearing with time). It was after sun down (yes, I had a light and was wearing a helmet) and I had just come off of a bridge, however, the turn at the base of this bridge is a notorious wind tunnel. I should have been killed, still can’t figure out why I wasn’t. Now I disembark and walk the bike across that area, every single time, wind or not, daylight or not. It was the luckiest day I have ever experienced and has made me grateful for every morning that I wake up.

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