• January 17, 2017

Top 10 Metal Albums for People Who DON’T Like Metal

Top 10 Metal Albums for People Who Don’t Like Metal

Well the genre may not be for everyone, but these albums certainly are! Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 Metal albums for people who don’t like metal! Whether it’s Ozzy Osbourne, Mastodon, Deafheaven, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold or System of a Down, these entries all provide something to the listener that no one should be missing out on!

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00:45 #10: System Of A Down
01:54 #9: Killswitch Engage
03:06 #8: Slipknot
04:13 #7: Deafheaven
05:22 #6: Avenged Sevenfold
06:35 #5: Mastodon
07:42 #4: Ozzy Osbourne
08:58 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Metal Albums for People Who DON’T Like Metal

  1. I wish Howard jones was still the lead singer of KSE. I stopped listening
    to them after he left. I just personally found his vocals to be the best of
    the singers KSE has had. As for the video I think its a good list for
    people looking to get into metal or listen to some metal. I started with a
    lot of these groups …not sure about deafhaven.

  2. Sabaton. Don’t know how much commercial success they’ve had, but all of my
    kids love Sabaton even though there are very few other metal bands they can
    even tolerate. Music for military history geeks.

  3. Cool Metal Bands too: Gojira (Magma), KoRn (Issues), InFlames (SirenCharms,
    Battles), Dragonforce (Killer Elite), Ghost B.C (Infestissumam), Sabaton
    (The Last Stand), Five Finger Death Punch (Way of the Fist, Got Your Six) ,
    Rammstein (Mutter, Liebe ist fuer alle da!) and many more ;)

  4. Just a side note: Adam D from KSE became guitarist from the second album
    Alive or Just Breathing and on. He only drummed on the debut album
    Killswitch Engage.

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