• May 9, 2017

Top 10 Most Amazing LEGO Creations

Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim here! They’re everybody’s favorite building blocks and the reason why you should wear shoes around the house. More than just a children’s toy, though, they’re an implementation of creativity, and when the right minds get their hands on them, LEGO can become something stunning. It was no easy feat to go through the many impressive concepts, but we’ve pinpointed the Top 10 Most Amazing LEGO Creations for our Archivists to marvel over!

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10. Nintendo DSi
9. Starship OSS Pontbriand
8. Harry S. Truman Aircraft Carrier
7. Times Square
6. Abston Church of Christ
5. President Obama Inauguration
4. Egyptian Pharaoh
3. Sport City
2. Volvo XC90
1. Tower Bridge

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Amazing LEGO Creations

  1. That was absolutely brilliant, I really do admire those people who can produce such wonderful masterpieces. The time, effort and foresight they must have is absolutely astounding. There was not 1 on the upload that I disliked, each and every1 was unique in its own right. It really amazes me how a tiny plastic child’s toy, can be taken and turned in2 something spectacular. I really do applaud the artists for their skill in making something great. I certainly couldn’t do that, so all the credit goes 2 the men and women who can.

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