• May 31, 2017

Top 10 Most DANGEROUS DOG Breeds

Hello YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! They’re meant to be man’s best friend, but some pooches weren’t bred and raised to be all cute and cuddly. While we know how a canine acts is typically based on how it’s treated and raised by their owner, considering the 440+ American deaths caused by dogs from 1982 to 2016, they’re bound to get a pretty bad rap for being deadly and vicious. When people mention dangerous dog breeds, chances are they’re talking about any of these following ten compiled from North American data spanning over years.

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10. Pitweiler
9. Chow Chow
8. Labrador Retriever
7. Akita
6. Boxer
5. Siberian Husky
4. Perro de Presa Canario
3. German Shepherd
2. Rottweiler
1. Pitbull

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Most DANGEROUS DOG Breeds

  1. I always say it’s the owners and the way they treat there animals, I’ve had golden retriever/labs for over 15 years and never had an incident, you treat them right they ll be right to you

  2. I have worked with just about every possible breed in existence at the shelters. I have no fear working with some of the breeds on this list simply because you are looking at the wrong thing. The statistics of attack are widely unrealistic to the breeds danger level as they are marred by outside forces uncontrollable to the study (i.e. upbringing, environment, abuse, etc…). In my time working with various breeds there are only 3 that I and my colleagues legitimately were always overly cautious around due to the fact that they are dangerous; not because of any statistic, but rather because of the sheer ability they possessed. The three breeds were in order from least to most dangerous: 3. Akita 2. Dalmatian 1. Shar Pei Of these breeds only one of them even made your list. The ones I listed have the ability to destroy more ably than any other breed including Pit’s. The trouble with any research that goes off of numbers alone is that surveys and data can be corrupted.

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