• January 20, 2019

Top 10 Most Violent Celebrity Outbursts

Top 10 Most Violent Celebrity Outbursts
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These celebs aren’t afraid to get physical. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most physically violent celebrity outbursts to have been reported and/or caught on video. We’ve included outbursts from Eminem, Russell Brand and Chris Martin. WatchMojo is counting down the most violent celebrity meltdowns.

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10) Russell Brand Attacks the Paparazzi
9) Chris Martin Brings a Paparazzo to the Ground
8) Zsa Zsa Gabor Slaps a Cop #7) Russell Crowe Throws a Phone at a Hotel Employee
6) Eminem Beats a Bouncer
5) Alec Baldwin Throws a Paparazzo Against a Car
4) Gary Coleman Beats a Fan
3), 2) & 1)???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Violent Celebrity Outbursts

  1. There should be a thing like self defense from invading provocation. If a person keeps invading your personal space and blinding you with cameras ( after you explicitly said no) then self defense should be justified.

  2. So, what was the problem with defending themselves from paparasites? And please, WM, don’t use TMShit on your vids. They’re pretty much the type of people who can’t seem to respect others.

  3. I feel so bad for Gary Coleman (I found this on wikipedia, there is more)

    In 1989, Coleman sued his adoptive parents and former business advisor for $3.8 million, for misappropriating his trust fund,[34][35] and won a $1,280,000 judgment in 1993.[36]

    In 1998, Coleman was charged with assault while he was working as a security guard. Tracy Fields, a Los Angeles bus driver and fan of Coleman’s work on Diff’rent Strokes, approached him in a California mall and requested his autograph, while Coleman was shopping for a bulletproof vest. Coleman refused to give her an autograph, an argument ensued, and Fields reportedly mocked Coleman’s lackluster career as an actor. Coleman then punched Fields in the face several times in front of witnesses. He was arrested and later testified in court that she threatened him, and he defended himself. “She wouldn’t leave me alone. I was getting scared, and she was getting ugly,” he said. Coleman pleaded no contest to one count of assault, received a suspended jail sentence, and was ordered to pay Fields’ $1,665 hospital bill, as well as take anger management classes.[37][38][39]

    In 2007, Coleman was cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct in Provo, Utah, after a “heated discussion” in public with his wife.[40][41]

    In 2008, Coleman was involved in a car accident after an altercation at a Payson, Utah bowling alley, which began when Colt Rushton, age 24, photographed Coleman without his permission. The two men argued, according to witnesses. In the parking lot, Coleman allegedly backed his truck into Rushton, striking his knee and pulling him under the vehicle, before hitting another car. Rushton was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released.[42][43] Coleman later pleaded no contest to charges of disorderly conduct and reckless driving, and was fined $100. In 2010, he settled a civil suit related to the incident for an undisclosed amount.[44][45][46]

    In 2009, Coleman and his ex-wife were involved in a domestic dispute, after which Price was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, and both parties were cited for disorderly conduct.[47]

    In January 2010, months before his death, Coleman was arrested on an outstanding domestic assault warrant in Santaquin, booked into the Utah County Jail,[48] and released the following day.[49]

  4. 10-7: idk these people. 6-4: hey I know those three. 3-1: who the heck are these people? Dishonorable mention. Hey it’s Kanye. ……..i only know 4 people on this list. Thought it was a list about celebrities lol

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