• February 1, 2017

Top 10 Movie Scenes Where Actors Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Welcome to Top10Archive! The art of acting revolves heavily around perfection, but that perfection is not always easily obtained. Actors, in case you’ve forgotten, are real people, and if there’s anything we have learned about people, it’s that they love to laugh. For this installment, we’re showcasing that love for laughter and jovial good times with the top 10 scenes where the performers were too busy enjoying themselves to stick to the script.

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10. Bottle Slip (Life)
9. Dancing with Price (The Abominable Dr. Phibes)
8. Cracking Up Goldblum (Transylvania 6-5000)
7. Hill vs. Bernthal (The Wolf of Wall Street)
6. The Cowardly Lion (The Wizard of Oz)
5. Around the Campfire (Easy Rider)
4. The Lineup (The Usual Suspects)
3. Laughter of the Pink Panther (The Return of the Pink Panther)
2. The Warm-Up (Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues)
1. Robin Williams’ Improv (Good Will Hunting)


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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Movie Scenes Where Actors Couldn’t Stop Laughing

  1. I don’t care who you are, that director who slapped Judy Garland across the
    face, I hope he got that karma back. never OK to slap a woman across the
    face. prick your no man!

  2. Forgot to mention “Young Frankenstein” when Martin Freeman bites the fox
    skin around Madeline Kahn’s shoulder, they had to do several takes cause
    everyone was to remain straight faced but every single time they couldn’t
    stop laughing, so they had to rely on skilled at it and even that didn’t
    help erase all the smiles.

    1. Same here! The ending is one of my favorite movie endings.. them finally
      free at a baseball game together and the old guy in the wheelchair laughing
      about it.. Classic..

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