• April 7, 2017

Top 10 Movies That Messed Up History

Welcome to Top10Archive! One would think that movies based off of actual events in history would do all that they could to be 100% accurate, but sadly, that’s not usually the case. As the 10 movies featured in this Archive will show, Hollywood is not shy about taking liberties with the facts, spinning its own truths to create what may be deemed a more “entertaining version.”

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10. Amadeus
9. JFK
8. Apollo 13
7. Pocahontas
6. Apocalypto
5. 300
4. The Doors
3. Pearl Harbor
2. The Social Network
1. Braveheart

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Movies That Messed Up History

    1. Top10Archive What about American Sniper? Amazing movie, And everything is as accurate as it should be except that one scene when he kills the kid, That never happened, It was added just to create excitement. Which is annoying as Chris has never killed a child, That scene just tarnishes Chris Kyle (one of the greatest men ever)’s reputation.

    2. Top10Archive I wanna say Titanic, But when Titanic was made everything was correct, Its newer evidence we’ve found in the later years that has found a lot of old facts to be wrong. But still the movie holds up and is still fairly accurate (and still my favorite movie).

    3. Watched half of the Mayan one with my ex we never did finish it and now I don’t think I’m going to. Haven’t touched any of the others aside from Pearl Harbor but that was 6th grade history class so no way I can remember.. A coach teaching history class would play that movie for a class lmao

  1. Where’s Gladiator? That particular movie was an anti-monarchist propaganda spit from Mel Gibson! Rome was NOT founded as a republic! Also, they left out the billboards where gladiators hawked endorsements to the masses b/c “people wouldn’t believe it”, and they left in crap like Marcus Aurelius wanting to restore the Roman Republic after his death, something he never actually desired IRL.

  2. And in Braveheart they missed one of the most important people, he actually was the one to get William Wallace to fight the english

  3. One big mistake in Pearl Harbour: In the beginning they say the air force is on maneuvers on Long Island, yet there are mountains in the background! I grew up there, no mountains on Long Island. On another note, I don’t care how incorrect the 300 is, I love that movie!

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