• August 31, 2016

Top 10 Must-See Famous Statues

Top 10 Incredible Iconic Statues

These must-see famous statues are some of the most recognizable structures in the world! Join us for our list of the most famous sculptures and statues the world has to offer. Along the way we’ll see Greek Statues (Venus de Milo), Buddha statues (Leshan Giant Buddha), Bronze statues (the Statue of Liberty), Marble Statues (Michelangelo’s David), Egyptian Statues (Great Sphinx of Giza) and of course Rio’s Brazilian wonder Christ the Redeemer.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Must-See Famous Statues

  1. Okay how is the Pietà not included anywhere on this list. That sculpture is
    so beautiful of depicting the body of Jesus on the map of Mary after the
    Crucifixion. Absolutely deserved to be on the list!

  2. We Indonesians currently building Lord Vishnu statue which is 146 m tall
    and it will beat y’all statues, it will become the world’s tallest statue
    y’all hear me

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