• February 27, 2019

Top 10 Nightmares That Predicted The Future

Top 10 Nightmares That Predicted The Future
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Have you ever had a dream that came true? Sometimes its hard to know if its just deja vu – did you really dream that? Sometimes your dream about things you’re worried about and then they end up happening – I’m not talking about that – I’m talking about times when a person has a dream about something that nobody saw coming – it might not even involve them – but it ends up happening. Are these real? You’ll need to be the judge of that – my name is Danny Burke and This is the Top 10 Nightmares That Predicted The Future …

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Nightmares That Predicted The Future

    1. Strange thing, but my mother had a dream about this actor she never thinks about on a general basis. But she had a dream he had died and of course she was confused at first. Although the next day when she went onto Yahoo Japan the first article that popped up was about the actor’s death.

  1. UM? John Booth shot Lincoln….The next person you talk about is David Booth. Coincidence? David and John are named in the Bible. Bible has 2 B’s and is a 5 letter word. You later say “Recurring” < Which if you have been paying attention, you'll know....You'll know nothing has anything to do with something I'm saying...UM? Oh and one more thing. I once had the flu and I dreamed I shat myself. When I awoke, I had indeed shat myself.... Creepy... What are the odds?

  2. My brother once saw a scene from a game years before it came out in his dream. It was the frozen over, Twilight realm Zora’s Domain from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. He saw the ice, the black particles floating up, and the Zoras within the ice.

  3. A few years ago I dreamt that a man tried to kidnapped classmate but couldn’t and police had come to my school to investigate. a few weeks after I saw this dream I went to school and to my horror it actually happened everything and everyone were exactly the same as I saw in my dream.

  4. A few months ago I had a dream about a strange flouting creature in a forest, in the dream all I could here was Danny’s voice. I woke up a shook it off. A day or two later I decided to draw the thing from my dream while watching Most Amazing. As I finished drawing I looked up to the screen and there was Danny talking about the strange creature I had dreamt and drawn…

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